About ZIM- ECO​

Project data


US$ 36,857,363


2 6


2016/07 - 2021/08

Sources of funding

Goverment of Zimbabwe: US$ 23,000,000
European Union: US$ 8,780,758
Government of Japan: US$ 995,201
Government of France: US$ 6,000
UNWOMEN: US$ 75,000
UNDP: US$ 1,000,000


ZEC - Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
IFES - International Foundation for Electoral Systems
EISA - Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa


Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for ZEC
Voter Registration
Voter Education and stakeholder engagement

Our main objectives

The Programme aims to develop ZEC’s institutional capacity with a focus on providing technical assistance on developing a new voter registration system; capacitating ZEC, especially its information services and voter registration departments; embarking on robust voter education campaign; reaching out to electoral stakeholders and building their trust in the electoral process and making the election system sustainable.

What we do

ZIM-ECO is a response to the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) request for UN capacity building support to ZEC.

From 26 May to 5 June 2015, the UN fielded a Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) to undertake wider stakeholder consultations to evaluate the electoral environment, the legal and institutional framework governing the electoral process and the capacity and needs of the various election stakeholders in response to the request.

The Mission recommended support for immediate short-term assistance in voter registration, voter education and budget formulation, followed by development of a long term programme of capacity development for ZEC and other election stakeholders.

A multi-year project was signed in July 2016 to support capacity building for ZEC, strengthen voter registration, develop a robust voter education programme and foster effective ZEC engagement with election stakeholders.


  1. Strengthened institutional and electoral capacity of ZEC to meet its constitutional mandate to ensure sustainability;
  2. Sustainable voter registration system for 2018 elections and beyond that is credible and inclusive;
  3. Enhanced and effective ZEC’s engagement with electoral stakeholders and eligible voters.


  1. Development of the ZEC Five Year Strategic Plan 2016-2020;
  2. Capacity building of the Commission Members;
    1. Technical and operational support for identification and roll out of a sustainable, credible, and inclusive Voter Registration;
    2. Improved ICT capacity of ZEC to support Voter Registration process;
    3. Creation of Voter Registration Department within ZEC;
  3. Development and Implementation of institutional development and capacity building plan;
    1. Strengthened planning for Voter Education and public outreach strategy;
    2. Effective Voter Education for ensuring participation in national voter registration process;
    3. Engagement with other stakeholders to build trust and confidence on ZEC.

Who we are

Vincent da Cruz

Chief technical advisor

Chifarai Sarah Masike

Programme associate