The World’s Longest BRIDGE

No, we are not talking about high-speed railway bridges in China, but of Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections BRIDGE. On 20 November, Zimbabwe successfully completed its very first train-the-facilitators (TtF) course. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) conducted it with support from UNDP and the European Union in order to strengthen its capacity and to increase the number of BRIDGE-accredited facilitators within the organisation. Trainees consisted of 20 ZEC staff members, seven women and 13 men, from across the ten provinces of the country. Mr. Ross Attrill, the Expert Facilitator from Australia, provided remote support to the training, which was led by Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Utloile Silaigwana, an Accrediting Facilitator, Ms. Rejoice Sibanda and Ms. Shamiso Chahuruva, all from ZEC.


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